New Beer Releases for Ohio (March, 2011 Edition)

A first look at the new Indigo Imp Labels

A first look at the new Indigo Imp Labels

In my last “beer releases for Ohio” article, I broke the news on some new releases as well as new breweries set to arrive in our lovely state in 2011. Some of those beers have come and gone, some are on the shelves right now, and some (I promise) are still bound for Ohio soon! Only a few months have passed, so consider this an update to round out the first quarter of the year. Most of the beers listed here should make it to Ohio by summer, but sometimes things get delayed. Some may even be at your favorite store next week!

There are a few notable big releases from a few of my favorite breweries coming soon. Goose Island has a new ale called Goose Island Summer Glacier that should be around as things warm up. And here’s a beer that will warm you up: Goose Island Big John will be here in April. It’s described as an Imperial Chocolate Stout, this big daddy clocks in at 11.5% and would probably be a great cellaring candidate to keep for winter’s inevitable return.

But enough winter thinking, summer’s coming and that means wedding season. Bells is ready to help you celebrate with Bells Wedding Ale as well as an unknown simply called Bells Pastel Raspberry. Distribution numbers on both of those are up in the air, as is any confirmation on a bottle run for Bells Black Note Stout. But both have been approved by the state for sale here.

A brewery that basically dominated my favorite city, Seattle, for years is bringing Ohio their Double IPA, Outburst. Of course, I’m talking about Pyramid. Another West-Coast Heavyweight, Sierra Nevada is doing a series of abbey beers with real monks. Ovila is up first, with several more to follow. Ommegang is sending Ohio their collaboration with La Chouffe called Gnomegang and their parent company, Duvel, is sending Duvel Single. These last three offerings should make any Belgian beer lover very happy this spring!

Bruery/Cigar City Collaboration Marron Acidife will get to Ohio

Bruery/Cigar City Collaboration Marron Acidife will arrive in Ohio soon!

Here’s a new one. What if I told you that in just a few short weeks you’d be able to buy a Cigar City beer on the shelves? I’d kind-of be telling the truth as the Bruery/Cigar City collaboration called Marron Acidifie is set to hit local stores. This “dark sour ale” will be very limited, so buy on sight. 21st Amendment will be sending Imperial Jack, a spicy-sweet hybrid between a brown ale and “Imperial ESB” that won the Gold at the World Beer Cup in 2010. To round out the big national American Microbreweries, look for Main Engine Start from Brooklyn (tapping at the Winking Lizard on 3/25 and making some other appearances around town as well) and Seasonale from Dogfish Head, another keg-only special release.

Internationally, a top-ranked Baltic Porter called Okocim is being re-released to the US, including Ohio. Also, from the company that brought your Monty Python’s Holy Ale, look out for Black Night’s Reserve.

Locally, things are slamming at Buckeye Brewing Company. Redhead Ale will the the first 6-pack offering from the brewery ever! Look for a nice Foreign/Tropical Stout in the Zatek series in big bottles and Cleveland IPA on tap. Indigo Imp’s new Spring 12 pack hit stores today. You get 4 bottles of Fiend Red Rye Ale, Spring Saison and 26 degree Tropical Stout in the pack and the beers I’ve had are adventurous and worth a try. Lastly on the local beat, Willoughby Brewing Company has been redefining what standard of beer they put out lately. They’re really stepping things up with these draft-only offerings: Hop Jam Black IPA, Moonshadow IPA, Petty Wench Best Bitter and brand-new Toehead Blonde. Look for big things from these guys this year!

Keep supporting all these breweries bringing great beer to Ohio. Lastly, look for a new brewery called Hoppy Brewing from San Diego. They have Hoppy Clause, Hoppy Face, Total Eclipse, Liquid Sunshine and Stony Face all cued up for thirsty Ohio craft beer lovers!

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