Three Floyds Brewing Co. Returns to Ohio

Hopefully all my Cleveland craft beer peeps are enjoying the long weekend. Here’s a bit of news to make your Memorial Day even more sunny.

A Three Floyds Bottlecap

Three Floyds is Once Again Ohio Bound

I have confirmed that Three Floyds Brewing Company, the number one brewery in the world in 2011 according to, will once again begin distribution to Ohio in the upcoming months. You may remember that “3F” sent Ohio many of their award winning beers until 2008 when rising demand close to their home-base of Munster, Indiana caused the need for a difficult decision: despite good numbers and demand, Ohio was dropped from the sales area and thirsty Ohioans felt a loss. Since that time, rumors about a possible return have circulated on an almost monthly basis, but there were issues with distribution that needed to be worked out in both conference rooms and courtrooms. Luckily for Ohio craft beer fans, those issues have been resolved and Three Floyds, their previous and new distributors were able to reach a conclusion where Ohio consumers come out on top. This is not a rumor, this is the real deal!

Bottles of Three Floyds Beers

Three Floyds 22oz bottles

Obviously, this means no more traveling to Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, or Wisconsin on those crazy Three Floyds beer runs, but I’d like to give a bit more information to you, dear beer readers. So, what can we expect from the upcoming months? Well, you can be sure there will be events and parties to celebrate the return of the worlds best brewery to the Buckeye state. I’ll keep you posted on events as details emerge. Who will be distributing Three Floyds? Cavalier Distributing will be handling those duties, so you can expect to see 3F brews in just about every better beer store around the state. And, the most important question of all – what beers are we going to get? Well, that’s perhaps the biggest win here. While Three Floyds is running at capacity for their year-round 6-pack beers like Pride and Joy, Alpha King and Gumballhead, a deal to increase the size of specialty beer yields will supply Ohio, at least for the near future. That probably means 22oz bottles, and (I’m speculating) brews like Dreadnaught, Moloko, BrooDoo, Alpha Klaus, Rabid Rabbit, Behemoth and other bombers are possibilities. But that’s all we know for now, details of exact beers and draft availability will be forthcoming.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Ohio craft beer. If we didn’t have the best scene in the country, we wouldn’t be fortunate enough to have the number one brewery in the world coming to our state. Have a great Memorial Day and enjoy a beer or two. I’ll be opening a Three Floyds Dark Lord to celebrate. Cheers to all of you and to Ohio, the best beer state on planet Earth.

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  • Renee

    Thanks for sharing such great news! 

  • Anonymous

    Great scoop Bobby! So happy this was your big announcement. We gave the guys at Whole Foods and the Lizard such a hard time throughout 2008 when our precious Alpha king went away. Keep up the good work.

  • LaVieBoheme73


  • Tim Haines

    Nice thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    hey bobby.. just an FYI. Cavalier says this rumor is false… FFF will not be distributing to Ohio anytime soon.

    This is out of the mouth of the Cavalier rep here in Cincinnati/Dayton

  • Bobby

    Hey, I understand that I haven’t been around enough for people to “blindly” trust me, especially with news like this, but please know I did my due dilligence and there should be some official news soon that confirms my story.  Thanks for reading! Cheers!!

  • Darklord

    You did your due diligence my ass. 

  • Bobby

    Obvious troll is obvious.  Thanks for playing!

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  • tonedog5

    This is great news! Just heard from a friend and was searching for confirmation and found your page. I was just getting into good beers around the time they left Ohio. I have been traveling to Kentucky to get their goods ever since. Couple this with the proposed budget change to raise Ohio beer abv limits to 18% next year and its pretty much all I could ask for.

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