Cleveland Beer Week 2012 Arrives!


It’s Cleveland Beer Week part 4! Here are my picks to get you started on building you perfect itinerary – for each day I picked my choice for an event and a special keg tapping. I hope you find some inspiration here and I hope to see you out and about!

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Nano Brew: Cleveland’s Smallest “Brewery” is Cleveland Beer’s Biggest Gimmick

Inside Nano Brew Cleveland

A few weeks ago another “brewery” in Cleveland’s Ohio City area opened its doors for the first time. But is Nano Brew really worthy of being called a brewery? Or, is has a good idea been twisted around by overzealous owners intent on proving Ohio City is a beer hotspot while ignoring the economics of nano brewing and rejecting some of craft beer’s basic principles? Check out what’s probably my most controversial article yet!

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Cleveland Brewers Team Up for More Collaboration Brews

Cleveland Beer Week 2012 Logo

In leiu of a bottled effort (and perhaps another showdown with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control), 15 of the Cleveland Area’s best breweries teamed up in 6 groups to create some tasty-sounding one-offs for Cleveland Beer Week 2012. Here, I list the breweries involved and the styles they decided to brew!

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Upland Brewing Headed to Ohio Distribution?

Upland Logo

Eight beers from Upland Brewing Company were approved for the state of Ohio! From my experience, this can only mean the brewery is set for their first foray into the Ohio marketplace. I can’t wait to welcome them to our shelves and tap lists!

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It’s International IPA Day! Time to celebrate?

International IPA Day Logo

It’s International IPA Day, and I’m conflicted. While I enjoy IPA’s and I love craft beer events, I can’t help but think these made-up beer holidays may have unintended negative consequences for the craft beer scene in general.

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Fun at the Second Annual International Beer Festival

The Second Annual International Beer Fest

The 2012 edition of the largest competition and lineup of beers in the Midwest is now in the books and a great time was had by all. The festival poured over 700 different kinds of beer and featured row after row of great stands featuring awesome brews in the cavernous IX Center. Check out who won medals and how we all won with such great beer!

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International Beer Festival Information & Giveaway!

International Beer Festival

International Beer Fest is Back for Another Round May in Cleveland means one thing for craft beer lovers – The I-X Center proudly announces the return of International Beer Fest, the largest showcase and competition of world beers in the Midwest, held May 11 & 12, 2012, at the I-X Center in Cleveland. The event [...]

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AB Inbev Registers Some “Interesting” Products in Ohio

AB Poops on Craft Beer

I was perusing the list of beer products approved for today Ohio and noticed some interesting names on the list. When I saw they were AB products, I was shocked. Is this indeed a revival of lost brands, an attempt to confuse consumers or has the eagle landed and run out of ideas?

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Winking Lizard World Tour of Beers 2012 Preview

Winking Lizard Building

Why sign up for another year of the Winking Lizard World Tour? Here are some highlights of the 2012 World Tour that should get anyone excited!

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Greg Koch and the Craft of Stone Brewing Company

Greg Koch Preaches the Word of Craft Beer

Greg Koch is a legend. The CEO of Stone Brewing Company is one of craft beer’s greatest evangelists. He’s constantly pushing the business forward and his new book, “The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.” gives all beer fans insight into the products and business of Stone. I got to chat with him while he visited Cleveland for his book tour. Here’s what he had to say!

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