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Welcome Market Garden Brewery to Cleveland

The front of the Market Garden Brewery

So, is Market Garden leading a session beer revolution or is this more of a rebellion from the extremes? Either way, the truth is in the pint glass. I visited the Market Garden Brewery just a few days before their grand opening for a preview of the newest Ohio City beer mecca. Here’s how the brews stacked up.

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The Debut of Hoppin’ Frog BORIS Royale

Closeup of the BA BORIS Royale label

When my favorite local brewery, the splendid Hoppin’ Frog out of Akron, OH released a special barrel aged version of their GABF Gold Medal winning Russian Imperial Stout, I had to rush home and crack a bottle as soon as the work whistle blew.

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The Superbowl of Hops – IPA vs DIPA Championship!

The Superbowl of IPAs logo

I gathered a panel of my favorite Cleveland area hop-heads to do a “blind” tasting in two rounds, with a championship show-down at the end. We were all handed 5 oz glasses with a number but no name and we all ordered the beers according to preference. Here’s how the two “Conference Championships” and resulting “Super Bowl”played out!

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The Buckeye Beer Engine 3rd Annual Wood Aged Beer Tasting

Eric, Beer Engine Brewer, poses with Barrel Aged Zatek

The Buckeye Beer Engine hosted the third annual Wood-aged beer tasting on Saturday, January 29th. I was fortunate enough to sample a few extraordinary beers that I need to spotlight, but there was a great selection including several rare bottles that one could order samples from. After all the sampling was complete, here are the beers that stood out.

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The Winking Lizard Celebrates 25 Years with Jolly Pumpkin ‘Bambic’!

Jolly Pumpkin Bambic - Winking Lizard's 25th Anniversary Beer!

The label reads “We here at Jolly Pumpkin created this special blend of our Bam and Lambicus for our friends at Winking Lizard’s in celebration of their special anniversary” and features Bam, the Jolly Pumpkin mascot dog, a black cat and a lizard playing cards. I’ve been waiting for this since I heard of the release in late November when the ‘Beermeister’ of the Winking Lizard told me about this special project. Was the wait worth it? Is it a bet worth taking? Read on…

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Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA hits bottles!

Fat Heads Head Hunter in Bottles

Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA is good. How good? Well, since it was first brewed in 2008, the beer has been called one of Draft Magazine’s top 25 beers in the world, racked up prestigious awards (including a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival, first place in the National IPA championship and the gold at the West Coast IPA championship) and even earned a mention in a Sports Illustrated story. That’s the stuff of champions right there!

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Christmas Comes Early to Fat Heads (in 12oz Form!)

Fat Heads Christmas Ale

Here in Cleveland, a city known for it’s Christmas ales, Fat Heads has shown their brewers have the chops to hang with Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog and all the big boys. If you’re a fan of spiced holiday ales, you have to try this – get it before the season is over.

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Hoppin’ Frog Barrel Aged Frosted Frog Warms up the Winter

Barrel-Aged Frosted Frog Winter Warmer

When word came out that Hoppin’ Frog was set to release a Whisky Barrel Aged version of Frosted Frog, I knew that this was going to be another innovative beer. It was certainly going to be a limited offering, with just 35 cases being available for purchase at the brewery. But how does it measure up with the best Winter Warmers?

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Witness Great Lakes Quitness

A pint of Great Lakes Quitness shines in the autumn sun

Cleveland fans have something to cheer about this year after all. As a city, we’re recovering after this summer’s heartbreaker where Lebron James announced he would be bringing his talents and lack of class to Miami. Great Lakes has launched a beer that’s guaranteed not to leave a ring (on your glass), but is a certain to bring home a winner any night.

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The Cleveland Beer Week, err, Christmas Mixed 12 pack

The front of the Ohio Craft Brewers Sampler Pack

Here’s a run-down of what you can expect in the 12 pack that was supposed to be released for Cleveland Beer Week back in October. I got to preview all the beers on tap, so I give some background, raise some concerns about freshness, review the beers, and give a final recommendation. Please read this before you buy your 12 pack!

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